Preserving the human touch when hiring remotely

An Ask us Anything with HR experts

On September 10th, 12:00 pm EDT / 09:00 am PDT

Iwo Szapar,CEO

Nathan Sheranian,
Senior Director of HR

Sravan Rajnayan,
Head of HR

Shawn LaVana,  
Chief Growth Officer

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Hires you’re making now might not meet anyone on your team face-to-face until 2021. In this new reality of remote hiring, you need to do more than just taking your interviews and onboarding online. We’re in a different world -- one without body language cues, office tours, and meet-the-team interactions.

So how do you preserve the human touch while hiring and onboarding remotely?

In this Ask us Anything session remote work expert Iwo Szapar joins Nathan Sheranian, Sravan Rajnayan, and Shawn LaVana, to share tips  on how to:

Give your potential hires a true sense of your culture and company when  hiring remotely

Find the right candidates and get them excited about your opportunity

Assess your candidates' potential, attitude, and talent when hiring remotely

Determine a culture fit between the candidate and your company.