What you missed at Google I/O: Signeasy is officially Chromebook ready

Last year, Google announced that Android apps would now run automatically on the Chrome operating system. And in true Google spirit, that’s a pretty big engineering feat. For developers, it’s one additional platform that can be targeted without developing a separate product; for users, it’s the entire powerhouse of the Google Play Store available on their Chromebooks.By the end of 2017, 17% of the laptops sold in the US were Chromebooks. This quick adoption is a testament to the kind of device the Chromebook is shaping out to be - a perfect combination of connectivity and portability for people on the go. And at Signeasy, we are all for helping users get more done while on the road. Our Android engineering team got straight to work and today, we’re excited to announce that Signeasy for Android is fully optimized and ready to run on your Chromebooks!Google unveiled the announcement today at Google I/O, their annual developer conference, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see our app up on the big screen.

We worked with the Chrome OS team at Google for weeks to make it happen, and here are some of the top enhancements you’ll see:1. Window resize: A Chromebook is essentially a lightweight laptop, so one of the first interactions users expect is the ability to resize your app’s window. You can resize the Signeasy app to any desired width and height, and our UI will seamlessly adapt to the window size you need.2. Keyboard support: Navigation through the keyboard is second nature for most notebook power-users, so we now allow navigating through the Signeasy app using the keyboard. You can go through your documents using the arrow keys, move through buttons and other UI elements using tab, and also go back to a previous screen using the escape key.3. Mouse support: While the built-in trackpad works perfectly with the Signeasy app, we even support input from an external mouse. You can right click on the document list to access additional options, or even browse through all the pages in your document using the mouse scroll.Fire up your Chromebooks, and try Signeasy out today. We promise it’s the best eSigning experience on notebooks till date. Oh, and if you need an account to get started, reach out to us on support@signeasy and we can set you up!

You can check out all of the recorded sessions from the Google I/O conference here.