Signeasy v2.3: Now Supports Multiple Signers

Our latest release Signeasy v2.3 is now available at AppStore. This release has been a culmination of our customers’ feedback and thoughts gathered over last few months. Some of the new features included are:- Support for multiple signers on the same document- Support for signature resizing while inserting on a document- Support signing documents of popular image formats: JPEG, PNG and etc.- Improved signature capturing/drawing feature with integrated editing of colors- Color, font size and style customization for text and date insertion v2.3 - Supporting multiple signers

We hope you like the latest version. As always, we are waiting to hear your feedback and thoughts at support@signeasy, Twitter: @signeasygetsigneasy and PatroFounder and CEO* Brand name and contact information have been updated, images are from the time we had a different name.