What’s new in Signeasy eSignature API v3.0

We released the very first version of Signeasy eSignature API in 2018. From Day 1, our goal has been to make it easy and secure for developers worldwide to integrate contract workflows into their platforms.

With version 2.1, we introduced the concept of envelopes and improved the endpoint models to become more straightforward and convenient. This helped global businesses like Rappi, ZenEquity, Nanoliving, and more improve efficiency and scale signing workflows rapidly across departments. 

Today, we are excited to bring you Signeasy API v3 with improved reliability, performance, and security. With several under-the-hood enhancements, we are setting up our customers for limitless scaling in the future. 

Improved sandbox environment

With v3.0, we’re introducing a new developer portal (Signeasy for developers), a one-stop hub for all things exploration and integration. Based on our customers’ feedback, we have built a sandbox experience where you can easily explore and test our APIs.

Convenient authentication and authorization

In most business workflows where Signeasy APIs are integrated, the OAuth authentication and authorization flow fall under one of these two scenarios:

  1. The client is the resource owner, acting on its behalf or that of a single user or a simple machine-to-machine interaction.
  2. The client acts on behalf of multiple resource owners using it.

In the first case, it is redundant to implement the three-legged authorization code grant flow. It is complicated and makes more sense for the second case. 

For the more straightforward client-to-server authorization, Signeasy API v3.0 now lets developers use the simple client credentials flow, where obtaining a new token doesn’t involve authorization redirects or any manual interaction from the resource owner.

Easy webhook management

Our latest version brings in a brand new webhook experience. You can now log in to your developer portal, where you can create, edit, enable, and disable webhooks without any hassle. With the upcoming releases, we’d also be building on top of this experience to improve our webhook reliability and provide logs for easy troubleshooting.

Hardened security

In the earlier versions, we’ve been issuing long-lived access tokens. From v3.0, we’re committing ourselves to the best security practices and have reduced the lifetime of access tokens to 60 minutes and 30 days for code grant and client-credentials authorization flow, respectively.

In addition, if the access token gets compromised, a developer can quickly reset their app from the developer portal. Starting from v3.0, a developer account also gets additional protection from brute force attacks and suspicious IP activity. And soon, we’ll be enabling bot detection and breached password alerts to harden the security of your account.

Improved performance & stability

With a refactored authentication and authorization service, we’ve made Signeasy API more performant. We’ve optimized the response times on document finalization workflows on the signers’ side and the envelope creation response time on the senders’ side, cutting average load times by 50%. Progressively, with continuous optimizations, v3.0 will help us significantly enhance the eSigning experience for your end users.

Get started with Signeasy API v3.0

Fast-growing businesses worldwide leverage Signeasy to make departmental workflows efficient and move towards a paperless world. They choose Sigeasy for our ease of use, reliable support, and product innovation. Take your first step towards delightful signing workflows by creating your free Signeasy developer account

If you’re an existing customer using v2.1, we recommend you migrate to v3.0 to leverage all these new improvements. Signeasy API v2.1 will be deprecated by the second half of the year 2023. Please reach out to us at api-support@signeasy if you want to migrate immediately.