Signeasy announces support for filenames in any international language

Every day, thousands of documents are signed and processed with Signeasy from over 100 countries worldwide. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that one of the most requested features was the ability for Signeasy to handle filenames containing their native alphabets or scripts. In this respect, we made it a priority to take actions which would ensure our international customers could finish their paperwork in their language of choice.Happily, today Signeasy announces support for filenames in any international language.

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  • Because people across the globe do business in different languages, we realized our non-English customers were having a tough time uploading their documents into the app, and that was because our system could not recognize the international characters of the file name.
  • It was a big challenge for our engineering team who worked over 2 months figuring out a way for our users to be able to import documents in any world language.
  • With our latest update release, users from all over the world can now import their files in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even Arabic and Hebrew which are read and written from right to left.

So go ahead, upload any document into Signeasy hassle-free, irregardless of the characters included in your document's name. If you find any language that we don't support, feel free to email me at knunez at Signing!Ananda K. Nunez