How to sign documents with the new Signeasy App for ios7

Our primary focus while redesigning the app was to streamline the signing process. In this post we share with you the UX enhancements made to the new signing flow of Signeasy's iOS App. Follow the steps below to get through your paperwork in a breeze!1. Tap and Zoom.Before entering any element, zoom in the area to be filled out, do so by moving your fingers away from each other. Zooming in will allow you to easily place any element on the page. This feature is specially useful to preview a document before finalizing.2. Select the type of entry from the new menu tool bar at the bottom. We reduced the number of taps and screens necessary to fill and sign a document. For example, now you can directly tap on the date icon and it will automatically display on the screen. To lock it in place and continue with your document simply tap anywhere on the screen.3. Resize your entry. To adjust the size of an element simply tap on it and then drag the arrow towards the right or left in order to make the element bigger or smaller.