Using the Request Signature feature on Signeasy for iOS and Android

Now that we have introduced you to the Request Signature feature (check it out here), you know how incredibly simple it is to send a document for signature and get it back signed -whether it's a sales contracts, approval letter or anything else.Here is the quick lowdown on how it works.Initiating the Signature RequestYou can invite people to sign by adding their email address and specifying the order in which they need to sign. You can also choose to include yourself as a signer. Once the signature request is sent, all signers are notified either via email or push notification.What happens on the recipient side?Once the recipient taps on the push notification or clicks on the link in the email to view and sign the document, they are taken directly to the document inside the Signeasy application where they have an option to either ‘Sign’ or ‘Decline’ the request.Upon accepting the signature request, the signer signs and finalizes the document. And that’s it! The next signer in line gets notified. Once all parties have signed, a copy of the signed document is e­mailed to all the parties.At any point, you can track the document status by checking who has signed and still has to. The completed document is sent to you and all the signers once everyone has signed the document. That’s one less action item on your tray!We’ve put together these quick tutorial videos to help you get started.iOS


So you know what to do - give this a shot right away!