From ink to pixels: Your iPhone camera just became a signature scanner

Now, you can scan your handwritten signature using your iPhone camera in the Signeasy app for iOS!

There’s something inherently empowering about wielding a pen as it brings your signature to life. The result is a wet ink fingerprint – a symbol that is entirely unique to you. While the stylus-and-screen combo has gotten us closer than ever to the real deal, Signeasy’s pursuit of honoring and perfecting your personal trademark is never-ending. We recently set off on a quest to further polish our e-signature solution, with the aim of promoting an even greater sense of trust and authenticity with each completed document and transaction. Get ready to scan your signature.What’s new?Now, you can scan your handwritten signature using your phone’s camera and save it to your Signeasy account for re-use! Simply draw your signature on a blank sheet of paper, scan it with the in-app camera, and save. Once your scan is uploaded, it will automatically sync to your web and desktop accounts, so you can immediately use your new electronic signature on all devices. The scan will feature a transparent background, so you can seamlessly import the snap into any document.Aside from simplifying and streamlining your document processing workflows, we are constantly striving to provide an e-signature solution that accurately mirrors the wet ink signing process. We want our users to be sending off documents that look slick and professional – documents they can be proud of.

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Cool! So how does signature scanning work?If you’re ready to take your signed documents to the next level, the process is simple.

  • Find a blank sheet of paper and mark it up with your finest, most regal signature
  • Open the Signeasy iOS app
  • Navigate to “Signature & Initials”
  • Tap on “Add Signature” and select the option to scan
  • Point the in-app scanner at the signed sheet of paper, ensuring optimal lighting conditions*
  • Scan your signature

Once you’re happy with your scan, your can save your new signature to your account. The signature will automatically sync across devices, so you can immediately start using it as your primary signature on desktop, mobile, and beyond.*We recommend using a white sheet of paper, and scanning in optimal lighting conditions (i.e. clear, bright light) for best results.