Drag, Drop, Pick - Paperwork made simple with Signeasy for iOS 11

Greetings to all our awesome users! The iOS 11 update has hit our devices and of course, we tuned-up Signeasy to deliver a smoother, easier and better-in-every-way signing experience for you! Your Signeasy app with iOS 11 has changed in two major ways. Here a quick lowdown on how these features work.

Drag n’ Drop - Do more with half the effort! Say someone just emailed a document for your signature. Open the Signeasy app side-by-side with your Mail app on your iPad. Drag the document from your Mail app to your Signeasy app and then, business as usual! This particular functionality works for images and text as well. So if you want to add an image or a logo from Photos, simply open the app along with the Signeasy app, drag and drop the image from Photos to Signeasy. Maybe you want to add an address, a particular disclaimer line in the document or some other piece of text. Again, simply select the text you want to add from the app, drag and drop it onto the document you are editing on Signeasy.With the Drag n’ Drop feature, editing paperwork becomes super simple and seamless! File Picker - Access your files from one place. Suppose you are done signing a document and now you have to email it. Earlier, you would have had to save it to iCloud and attach it. Or share the document from Signeasy which would open up a new email thread. With our latest update, we’ve done away with all the extra steps it takes to access your files. You can follow-up on the same email thread with complete context, and send the signed document. From your Mail app, select Browse and pick Signeasy from your Files app. Find the file or document that you are looking for in seconds! Do try the new and improved Signeasy for iOS 11 and let us know what you think. We’re waiting to hear from you at support@signeasy!