Introducing Signeasy for Salesforce

CRM is the command and control center for sales teams, so it’s no surprise that 91 percent of companies with 10 or more employees use one. However, only 18 percent of a salesperson’s time is spent inside the CRM, while 63 percent of their time is spent on activities other than selling. Things like following antiquated workflows or toggling between various sales tech apps can really eat into your time. What sales teams really need are sales automation tools that are available natively inside their preferred CRM.

At Signeasy, we know that it takes a whole lot of effort and involvement to close a sales deal. We want to empower sales teams around the world to focus on meaningful work and get things done without having to leave their CRM. And you can’t say CRM without mentioning Salesforce, which is still the most-loved CRM for sales professionals around the world.

For all these reasons and more, we’re excited to announce Signeasy for Salesforce: a native eSignature workflow purpose-built for high-growth sales teams. Our Salesforce integration eliminates tedious, manual processes by automating your contract and document workflows so that your sales teams can focus on closing deals.

Automate eSignature workflows without leaving Salesforce

Signeasy for Salesforce offers a native experience with widgets that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce objects and pages. 

  • Send envelopes with multiple agreements in any file format directly to your Salesforce contacts for eSignature 
  • Stay updated on whether each signer has viewed or signed the document from within Salesforce. 
  • Send reminders to signers so that you don’t have to spend valuable time on following up (Signeasy will automatically nudge them too)

Reduce contract turnaround times

With Signeasy for Salesforce, you can set up templates for frequently used contracts and agreements. This eliminates errors by automatically merging saved data from Salesforce objects to your contracts, invoices, agreements, etc. You will also greatly reduce contract turnaround times and close deals faster, especially as a high-growth sales team that handles many deals with shorter sales cycles. 

Secure, compliant, and legally binding

eSignatures powered by Signeasy are compliant with the ESIGN Act, eIDAS, and recognized globally. Signeasy is also SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant. Our Salesforce integration ensures signed documents – along with the associated audit trail – are automatically saved to the relevant opportunity, contact, and other objects in Salesforce.

Get the Signeasy advantage

What truly differentiates Signeasy’s Salesforce integration from the rest is how easy it is to set up, use, and buy. When we say "easy," we really mean it!

  • Easy to set up: It takes just three simple steps for your Salesforce admin to set up our Lightning Ready integration. Connect your Signeasy account, authorize the integration, and make simple configurations.
  • Easy to use: Our Salesforce-native experience makes it easy for your sales team to adopt Signeasy and manage all electronic signature workflows without leaving Salesforce.
  • Easy to buy: Signeasy offers transparent pricing with a lower Total Cost of Ownership. There are no hidden costs, and phone support and dedicated account management are already included in the Signeasy Business plan.

Make your next sale a slam dunk

Business Plan users can get started with our Salesforce integration today! Head to the App Exchange to get the Signeasy app, or reach out to your account manager for help getting started.

If you’re new to Signeasy and want to explore how eSignatures can supercharge your business, why not start with a 14-day free trial?