Introducing the Request Signature Feature

Request Signature

It was a long hard day at work for Bill, and he is winding up for the day. That’s when he remembers that a client is leaving for a long vacation in a few hours, and there’s an important contract, which has to be signed by him.Bill knows that Signeasy will do the job on his side, but if the client has to sign it quick, he will have to download the app, review and sign it, and send it back. When time is of the essence, Bill really does not want the client to go through a prolonged procedure either. What does he do now?Found yourself in a situation like this before? If so, we’ve just solved this for you – with our new Request Signature feature.Bill can now simply email the document he wants signed to the other person. And the other person doesn't need to have a Signeasy account. He’ll be notified by an email with a link to open, and then he can view the document, type in his name and other necessary details, sign it, and simply send it back. All within the time you took to read this paragraphClick here to try out the Request Signature feature now! Do tell us what you think about it* This feature is only available on the new Signeasy for Web, and is available to all users - free or paid, on a limited beta time period. It’s coming soon to your favorite Signeasy apps on iOS and Android.