Introducing Parallel Signing workflow

We introduced Remote Signing earlier this year, letting Signeasy users send a document for signature to anyone and get it back - all in minutes. It did not take it long to become one of the most widely used features - and we were not surprised. We’ve now set out to level up the Remote Signing experience and this feature announcement is the first of the efforts. The Remote Signing feature across Signeasy for iOS, Android and Web has so far allowed the initiator to add the signers only in a sequential manner. This meant that a particular signer would only be able to sign and complete the document after the signer before them in the order has completed it. There are instances where the initiator could have all the signers sign the document all at the same time, in any order, and receive the final document once everyone has signed it. The next enhancement was, therefore, a logical step of introducing this Parallel Signing workflow. Moreover, user feedback like the one below did tell us that it is an anticipated feature.

Additionally have the ability to request whether I want the signatures to be executed in either serial or parallel fashion would also be a great option.”-William G. SantorProductivity Media

We’re happy to roll-out this enhancement to our users across iOS, Android and Web. All that’s needed is enabling the Sign the document in any order option while adding the signer email addresses. This is how it looks on each platform.

On iOS
iPad parallel signing
On Android
Nexus parallel signing
On Web
Webapp Parallel signing

You can also add a cc recipient now as a part of the workflow - enabling them to receive a copy of the final signed document.To get started with the feature, update your Signeasy mobile application or log into the Signeasy web application.We’re excited to see how you use this in your daily business routines. Do drop in a word at hello@signeasy if you have a thought or feedback to share.