Feature Tutorial: Use An Alternate Email For Importing Documents

The team at Signeasy is continuously looking for ways to simplify your life and boost your productivity. The import from a secondary email feature, aims to do just that.

Paperwork is one aspect of conducting business that tends to be laborious. Scanning, signing and sending documents can require a lot of coordination, resources and lead us to unnecessarily wasted time. This is exactly what business professionals are looking to avoid. Businesses and professionals place a premium on saving time and resources and increasing productivity and efficiency. This feature is aimed at helping you do that by simplifying the process of using electronic signatures for your business.

Do you have an executive assistant processing your emails? This feature makes it possible to add your assistant’s email to your Signeasy account so that your paperwork can get done without any involvement from you. Convenient, isn’t it?


Ever had a situation where a vendor or client has sent you a contract on your personal email address instead of your work email, which is the one you have linked to Signeasy? That is not a problem anymore!

  • Head to the main menu on the left.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Tap on advanced settings.
  • Swipe to add a second email address.
  • Import the document and sign it.

Signeasy is constantly innovating in order to better serve our customers’ needs and your satisfaction is what matters to us. Do try out the feature and email us with your feedback, queries or suggestions at support@signeasy.