An enriched, iOS 10 ready experience

September is always an anticipated time for Apple fans around the world - for this is the time of the year when Apple showcases a round of new products and rolls out a whole new iOS version.We stay equally stoked, as it gives us a chance to roll-out a better experience for our iOS users which is based on the latest iOS version and leverages the rich capabilities that the new version brings in.We’re excited to release an update for Signeasy, making it iOS 10 ready. This update packs in another set of new features to add to your Signeasy experience. Here’s a quick lowdown on what’s coming your way.

Smarter Notifications

Rich Notifications have been the subject of talks ever since Apple announced them to be part of iOS 10. With Rich Notifications, apps can let the users preview and engage in some app-only experiences, directly from the lock screen. In the case of Signeasy, users will now be able to preview the document and take action on it (such as accepting or declining the signature request) directly from the lock screen.

Sign with Apple Pencil

We now support Apple Pencil. Signeasy users will now be able to draw their signature beautifully on iPad Pro devices. Depending on how hard you press with the Apple Pencil, the thickness of the stroke will vary accordingly making it look amazingly better than your wet-ink signature on paper.

Ipad pencil

Peek and Pop

Peek and Pop is a part of the 3D Touch feature in Apple. With the new Peek and Pop support, users can preview a document from the document listing screen with a firm press. A further deep press pops up the document directly, allowing them to edit and sign the document.As you move from iOS 9 to iOS 10, make sure you get a hands-on experience on these new goodies by updating your Signeasy application or getting it from App Store.