Introducing templates and document fields for Outlook

One year ago, Signeasy teamed up with Microsoft Outlook to roll out a fully-integrated version of our eSignature solution within their email platform. Today, we roll out lots of shiny new updates. What’s new?Outlook users can now go beyond signing, sending, and downloading their documents using their native email platform. By popular demand, you can now use two of our handiest features, Document Fields and Templates, without leaving Outlook!Signeasy’s guiding purpose is to deliver an electronic signature solution that is simpler, quicker, and more seamless than any other tool on the market. By giving our users who use Outlook the chance to get more work done within a single browser tab, we aim to be your partner in streamlining workflows, modernizing everyday processes, and simplifying paperwork.Click to install Signeasy from the Outlook store. If you already use the Signeasy for Outlook add-on, it will update automatically.Cool! What do these features do?Have you ever received a document that’s missing information, delaying the closing process due to excessive back-and-forth? Document Fields allows you to highlight each field that the signer is required to fill out, giving way to a more efficient and refreshingly error-free experience.The Templates feature saves you from having to build out the same document format over and over and over again. If you frequently process recurring documents like NDA’s, client contracts, or product orders, simply create and save a template. Then, when it’s time to whip up your next NDA, you can load up the corresponding template and get it done in no time.Synergy bonus: You can save each template with document fields included!