Custom branding options in Signeasy

Every time you interact with your customers and partners or do a business transaction, you make sure to put forth your best professional self. The reason being, you want to use every opportunity to reiterate your brand value and trust for a lasting business relationship.Given how critical it is in the course of any business transaction, shouldn’t the same apply when you are sending out a document for signature to your customer or partners?Custom branding options in Signeasy lets you do exactly that – putting your brand in front of your customers every time you send them a document for signature. Here’s how things turn out to be better, then.

  • Put your (and not any other) brand on the forefront

A customised experience bearing your company logo makes the workflow environment consistent with your brand. This lets you stay professional and put your brand out at all important customer touch points, giving the impression that the signature tool truly belongs to you.

  • Provide your customers with a unified and trustworthy experience

Your customers and partners recognise your brand much better than any other one. Coming across a third-party brand in the signing workflow might just confuse them, or probably seed a doubt in their mind while they sign a confidential or critical document. When your brand appears throughout the experience, it creates the same environment of trust which you have established with the customer.This is how your brand appears when you use the Custom Branding options.

We believe this knits Signeasy much better into your business and everyday business workflows. The feature is currently available for Signeasy Premium users. If you are interested in learning more about this feature, feel free to let us know at hello@signeasy.