Introducing ‘Attachments’: Collect supporting documents securely

Many business workflows, especially ones involving a lot of paperwork, do not end with just signing the contract. To complete the process, one must acquire the necessary supporting documents, such as proof of identity, employment records, financial statements, etc.

This often means both parties rely on third-party software or email back and forth to collect these documents, leading to potentially missing documents, frustrating delays, and security risks. Well, not anymore. 

Our latest feature, ‘Attachments’, makes it easy to collect supporting documents along with signatures as part of the contract workflow. The signers can attach the requested files as they read through and sign the contract. Once the contract is signed, the sender can download the signed documents and the attachments added by the signers in one folder. 

The goal is to help you manage your contract workflow within a single platform, save time by cutting back and forth, and keep your documents secure and compliant. Here’s how ‘Attachments’ help you streamline your contract workflow easily, conveniently, and securely. 

Simplify contract workflow and reduce turnaround time

In a world before ‘Attachments,’ collecting supporting documents was a complicated and time-consuming process necessitating multiple follow-ups, especially with contracts that are time-sensitive and require immediate attention. We acknowledged our customers’ pain points and introduced a better way to support this workflow within Signeasy.

Instead of starting an email thread or using a messaging app to request these supporting documents, you can now simply request your signers to attach them through Signeasy while they sign the contract. This will make it easier to manage hundreds of supporting documents and streamline them as part of the contract workflow. 

Imagine a ride-sharing company where the operations team is onboarding hundreds of delivery partners who need to sign employment contracts but also need to submit documents like driver’s licenses for background verification. With the ‘Attachments’ feature, the process of collecting and verifying documents is now streamlined into one single operation. 

The sender saves time wasted in requesting, following up, organizing, and mapping these supporting documents with signed contracts. The operations team no longer needs to juggle third-party apps, eliminating potential hold-ups and reducing contract turnaround time.

Collect attachments faster from anywhere

Signeasy customers can now easily request their signers to attach up to ten supporting documents. Each attachment supports both front and back-view files, making the whole process comfortable and more efficient for both parties involved. 

To make the signing more effortless and practical, the signers can choose any platform (Web, iOS, Android, Mobile Web) to upload those attachments and sign their contracts. They don’t even have to create an account with Signeasy to sign the documents.

HR folks who enable candidates to sign job offers quickly can use the Attachment feature to make sure relevant documents like employment records, referrals, tax documents, etc, are attached as well. For candidates on a holiday or working remotely, Signeasy ensures they can still sign the job offer and upload all the necessary documents from their phone, without having to wait until they have access to a computer.

Using the attachment feature, time-consuming processes involving multiple devices or less secure public devices are removed, thus making it easier for everyone to complete the contract workflow faster.

Request documents conveniently and securely

The use of third-party apps and emails to collect documents for your contract workflow can introduce significant security risks, including the potential for unauthorized access to sensitive documents. Not to mention the inconvenience.

By managing your entire contract workflow within the Signeasy platform, you can rest easy knowing that your documents containing sensitive data, such as personal identifiable information (PII), are safely stored with our enterprise-grade security! 

With a comprehensive audit trail, you can also track every step of the contract workflow including who signed, when, and with what device. In addition, Signeasy is compliant with major industry regulations such as GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA, so you can be confident that your contracts are compliant with the latest regulations. 

In the case of banks, they need to securely store and transmit the sensitive documents their customers provide when signing a loan application form. With Signeasy, banks can now securely collect documents such as payslips, credit reports, and social security cards within the platform as part of the contract workflow. All documents are securely stored and encrypted, and any PII included in the documents are flagged for safer storage. Furthermore, the audit trail of the contract signing process ensures that all parties involved remain compliant.

Try Attachments now, or check out the video below to get the step-by-step guide on how to use the Attachment feature!