5 Reasons to Try Out Signeasy for Web

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Signeasy for Web is a week old now, and we have already talked out our thoughts behind this step from being mobile-only to mobile-centric, or as we say, "user-centric".

The key user delight we believe, will be it being a viable, easy-to-use, and a powerful alternative to the enterprise-oriented document signing experience on the web.

Here’s a low-down on what you - as a first time or a veteran Signeasy user, can expect in its new desktop avatar.

FlexibilityThis is all set to address the recurring question “When would Signeasy be available on the desktops and notebooks?”, which used to come from our customers using Signeasy in their offices. This feedback, coupled with insights like 80% of the workforce still using desktops, was one of the reasons behind Signeasy for Web. Now that it's finally here, users can sign documents on their computers as well, alongside Signeasy’s eSignature experience on mobile devices. This provides SMBs more flexibility for their employees and customers, who now have one more avenue for signing documents.

ConvenienceThink of all those instances of reviewing and signing documents that run into multiple pages or those which need lots of data to be filled in. The traditional desktop experience still scores over the mobile one in all such cases, which in fact are pretty common. Signeasy for Web will allow reviewing, filing and signing all such documents directly from your workstations.

UsabilityThe larger screen allows you more usability in accessing and reading documents, but more importantly, it allows you to move signatures and other annotations around in the document, and place them exactly where and how you like it.

Ease of UseThere is no further need to download and install a third party software to sign and send documents online. You can simply go to app.signeasy.com and start using it on your browser immediately.

No more switching between devicesIn the absence of a desktop/notebook signature experience, the existing Signeasy users were forced to leave their workstation and switch to the mobile app for signing a document and then switch back to their workstation- a certainly cumbersome experience. With Signeasy for Web, they can now work without such distractions and send documents right from your desktops.

Time to experience this, hands-on! Try out the Signeasy for Web now. Read this to help you get started.