From Mobile-Only to Mobile-Centric : Introducing Signeasy for Web

In 2010, we started with the idea of helping people sign documents on the go. Smartphones and tablets were the platforms we focused on to achieve that goal. But as Signeasy evolved over the last few years and became a go-to tool for many businesses - ranging from independent businesses to small and medium businesses, to even departments in large organizations - we realized that Signeasy is not just a utility on the go anymore, but more of a productivity solution for a business. Signeasy was making employees more efficient and thus helping achieve greater business results.

Even though we kept getting accolades from our customers and partners like Apple and Dropbox for bringing out a simple, easy-to-use and innovative app for eSigning, there was one thing that was nagging us for a long time.


One consistent feedback from our customers who used Signeasy from their offices was that “When would Signeasy be available on the Web?”

customer requests

We had to find out if it was something we wanted to get into when there are other players in the market. The only way to make that decision was to look at data and try to understand why and how our customers would use the web version.

A typical response from one of our frequent users was this -

Mobile is great for getting a signature but most of the forms I work with need lots of data filled in at a later time and it is much easier to do that on a computer. Adding in numbers and dates is unpractical and time consuming on the phone with a customer. Most of my paperwork can be filled out on the computer and then signed when I go see the customer on the app.

We found out that despite the popularity of smartphones and tablets, office work is primarily done on desktops and laptops. A survey conducted in 2014 showed that over 80% of people still use desktop computers and more than 60% use laptops at work. Modern work trends indicate that people work from multiple locations using multiple devices; it allows flexibility and convenience for employees. In such a scenario, it was hard to ignore the growing demand from our users for a web based eSignature functionality. It was a perfect opportunity to leverage our eSigning solution to the web so that our customers could use Signeasy anywhere they prefered to - either at work or in personal lives.

Today, we are excited to launch a brand new Signeasy experience for the web which carries the same ethos of user experience, ease of use and features like our popular mobile apps.


We invite you to try it out and share your feedback. It is a new beginning for us to move from mobile-only to user-centric platforms, i.e. mobile, web and whatever screen that arrives in the future. You can reach out to us at hello[at] if you would like to share your thoughts.